Price list


Service type



Daily rate  person/day  15 PLN
Car park: caravan + porch day 15 PLN
Car park: multi-axle caravan + porch day 25 PLN
Car park: Campbus day 25 PLN
Car park: passenger car day 10 PLN
Car park: motorcycle day 5 PLN
Car park: coach day 100 PLN
Putting up a tent day 10 PLN
Car/caravan washing site (access to water and sewerage system) 1/2 hour 30 PLN
Electric energy kWh 3 PLN
Washing machine piece 50 PLN
Vacuum cleaner piece 10 PLN
Charge for animals day 5 PLN
Barbecue/bonfire site hour + 5PLN per. 50 PLN
Tennis court (adults) after 3:00 pm hour 20 PLN
Tennis court (schoolchildren) hour 10 PLN
Tennis court before 3:00 pm hour 18 PLN
Sauna (per person) hour/person 20 PLN
Bicycle, all day day 30 PLN
Bicycle, up to 3h piece 10 PLN
Bicycle, up to 5h piece 15 PLN
Extra charge for each commenced hour of bicycle use hour 5 PLN
Bicycle weekend (Fri 3:00 pm - Sun 8:00 pm) 1 weekend 50 PLN
Single room day 100 PLN
Double room day 160 PLN
Apartment day 350 PLN
Daily rate - swimming pool person/day 20 PLN


Special prices for associated in the Polish Camping and Caravaning Federation PFCC:

  • children up to age 7 - free of charge,
  • schoolchildren and students from 8 up to 24 years old- 30% discount,
  • international MFCC card owners - 10% discount.